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To highlight the versatility of Chuck's Ballast products, a small module was built to show the materials available to the modeller of Queensland Railways.
This module was shown at the 2002 Brisbane Model Train Show.

The baseboard is 4 foot by 1 foot ( 1200 mm x 300 mm), with woodwork taking about 2 hours. The following scenery, not including the bridge, was done in 2 nights.

Plans are now in hand to include the module in a small portable layout featuring western Queensland operations. No green grass, no fast highways, just red dust, stunted trees and creekbeds. Just the thing for those on the nostalgia trail.

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Trees grow back on the original alignment, however present drought conditions have reduced ground cover to a minimum.
Note the old water tank washed down in the last flood, probably full of sand and not about to move until the next flood.


The old campsite provided limited shelter to the long-gone gangs who worked on the bridge and the track. All that remains is the blackened chimney, some rough fireplace stones and a few battered tanks. Despite the loneliness of the area the simple structure that provided shelter must have been a mecca for the workers at the end of the day.

Remains of the bridge gangs camp still exist on the banks of Stockyard Creek. West bound empty stock train is still a long way from its destination of Longreach.


Diesel electric 1250 passes the old camp at Stockyard Creek with a string of "bombs" for the western districts. :live" trees are the product of manufacturer "Trackside Trees".The dead trees are in fact dead real trees and were collected from desolate areas of South Australia.

The ballast is Ardglen fine, a product perfectly suited to Queensland layout. Embankment rock is a mixture of Bombo and Berrima Shale. Creekbed sand is a S.E. Queensland product which is processed in several grades incuding fine, extrafine and ultra fine. Embankment is natural red sands from Western Queensland.

1250 D/E crosses Stockyard Creek. Old bridge was abandoned in the early 50's following a disastrous flood which washed away several sections of embankment. Bridge was damaged beyond repair when deris took off the timberwork and now only the concrete piers remain.
Loco is a Black Diamond model and rolling stock is from The Turntable.

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