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Real colour, red dust and real scenery add up to one thing; realism. This module was put together to assess the viability of using full-blooded natural earth colours on a complete layout. Modelling the old, almost derelict cattle yard and loading point at Stockyard Creek, a siding set in the western region of Queensland was loosely based on part of the yard at Cheepie.
Painting of the background was taken from a QR travel photo. All round timbers were specially collected from the area, as was the dusts and sands to add realism to the scene. Even the dead trees were from the area. Green trees are by "Trackside Trees". If this mini module proves practical a new layout solely using bare cover will be built.

This module is simple however it draws plenty of attention at various displays. It was put together basically to show some of the "Chuck's" range of dusts. The bobcat could have been sold a hundred times over!

A relative new product to the Chuck's range is "shale". It is a soft rock that is easily snipped with rail cutters, can be drilled, filed and ground to shape. This particulr type of shale fragments into thin pieces and is perfect for stone buildings, fencing and random paving. This little stone cottage is being put together for display in Adelaide. It represents an abandoned farmhouse, much delapidated, and now just a shell fit only to store hay. The roof has suffered storm damage, the windows and doors have been removed. The adjoining barn is built inside out, with the hay bails being placed up against the slab timber walls before the roof is fitted. The slabs, which are scale 10 feet high, have been cut from dead mulga sticks.We will show more images of this module as it nears completion. Shale  is available direct from Chuck's or from you local hobby shop.

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